Biosand Filter

Made using 100% locally available materials, providing an inexpensive way to produce high quality drinking water. It’s designed to easily remove pathogens and sediments from almost all water sources making it ideal for households in rural areas using surface water.



Biosand Filter uses fine sand to naturally remove disease causing organisms and particles from water.


  • Output: 0.5 L per minute
  • Capacity: Produces upto 60L of safe water everyday

Life span: More than 10 years if maintained and used properly

  • Materials: Durable food grade 75L container and plastic pipes, sand, ballast
  • Simple maintenance through swirl and dump


  • Least expensive filter on the market
  • Lasts for more than 10 years
  • No boiling is necessary
  • No electricity necessary
  • Filters river, lake and borehole water
  • Dirty (turbid) water will not damage the filter
  • Simple maintenance
  • Made from 100% Local material
  • Gives cool and naturally tasting water!

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